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What is Methymna?

"Methymna" (Μήθυμνα), Mithymna , or Mithimna is a town on the island of Lesbos (Λέσβος, modern transliteration Lesvos) in Greece . On some maps, it is given the name Molyvos (Μόλυβος), which was widely used before 1918.

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What is methymna.com?

This website is methymna.com

The website began as a home for Methymna Consulting Services , a consulting entity that I started back in the early nineties for publication consulting, and later used for occasional web and general computer technology consulting.

I chose the name as a kind of joke, since the first computer consulting work I did was for the journal where I worked in my first job out of college, Arion , and the "historical" Arion after whom the journal was named was from Methymna.

I haven't had the time for outside consulting work, so I know use this as my main home site on the internet.